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Spreading Japan's story to the world

We transform Japanese videos from YouTube and other platforms into captivating English content. Our services extend beyond meticulous subtitles; we add professional-quality cloned English voiceovers to create the illusion of native English-speaking videos.

Professional Quality: Professional Quality: We begin with advanced ChatGPT or other large language models (LLMs) for our language services, followed by thorough checks for accuracy and fluency conducted by professional translators. We guarantee the highest quality subtitles and voiceovers for your content.

Quick Delivery: We offer rapid turnaround times. Check out our sample videos to experience our quality firsthand.

Flexible Pricing: We accommodate a range of needs, from subtitles only to voiceovers. We also offer payment options based on view count.

Now is a great opportunity to share Japan's incredible content with the world. Why not take that first step with us?


English Otaking (Toshio Okada)

We are dedicated to sharing insightful moments from videos by Mr. Toshio Okada, also known as "Otaking", with the world. We carefully select thought-provoking segments and edit them into both Japanese and English.
Through our project, "YouSpeakEnglish", we broadcast Japanese videos to a global audience. Utilizing AI technology, we simulate the tone and intonation of the speaker's voice, creating the illusion that Mr. Okada himself is speaking in English.

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