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Translation Lab Inc.

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Theory and Practice

Translation Lab Inc


Translation Lab Inc. is committed to avoiding reliance on personal anecdotes. Instead, we prioritize empirical evidence and academic theories. What defines the quality of translation? What embodies efficiency? What is the essence of translation technology? We relentlessly pursue these questions from a purely academic standpoint. Furthermore, we aim to present a vision for the future of translation and localization.

About us.

Translation Lab Inc.

A translation and localization company that is a compact group of experts integrating translation technology, the backing of academic translation studies, and management knowledge to provide "translation" and "localization" based on empirical data. We strive to apply academic translation literature and research into practice, aiming for a management policy based on research data (never relying solely on personal anecdotes). Our main initiatives include:

  • Research and application in Translation Studies, translation theory, and linguistics.

  • Consulting and support for translation assistance grounded in AI and IT technology.

  • Optimization of LLM (ChatGPT)translation memory, machine translation, post-editing, and QA tools.

  • Practical workflows considering the intersection of humans and technology.

  • Providing services that meet the Skopos (purpose of translation).

Representative profile

YAMADA, Masaru

Born in Tokyo. Professor at the College of Intercultural Communication and Graduate School of Intercultural Communication, Rikkyo University. After working as an in-house interpreter and industrial translator at Ford Motor, he founded Translation Lab Co., Ltd. He is currently devoted to the implementation of translation and research into translation and interpretation studies. He served as a director of the Japan Association of Interpreters and Translators (JAITS) and a the Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation (AAMT). He is the chief evangelist at Yaraku Co., Ltd. He runs the online salon Translation Cafe . His publications include Dissecting Translation Processes" (Routledge), co-edited, and "ChatGPT Translation Skills" (in Japanese) (ALC).




October 15th: Translation Lab was established

Company name: Translation Lab Inc.

February 1st: Office moved to Shibuya, Tokyo.

August 25: Temporarily moved to California, USA


March 1st: Business expansion

We increased the number of registered translators.

May 30: CEO returned from the US

2010 - 2011

Continuing business operations, while focusing on academic research activities


March 1st: Office relocation

Ebisu, Shibuya Ward

March 31: CEO received PhD (Ph.D./Translation Studies)

October 15th: Full-scale business cooperation with Yaraku


April 1st: Yaraku Worldjumper starts EC service translation


September 1st: YarakuZen's grand launch

2015 - 2018

April 1st: Business relationship and organizational reform (workplace relocation to Kansai)

Business continuity with a focus on research activities


April 1st: Strengthening consulting and coaching services


February 1st: We started working towards implementing translation in society



Recruiting post-editors due to business expansion

Increased in coordinators and launched linguist services


Full-scale implementation of large language models (LLMs). New services launched.


YouSpeakEnglish - Video content localization - launched

Our Services



We will provide consultation on how to improve the efficiency of translation.

  • Building an in-house translation workflow

  • Application of ChatGPT and machine translation

  • APP development

  • Streamlining localization workflow

  • Application of post-editing



We can provide support in multiple languages, mainly English and Japanese.



General business

Subtitle translation
Compatible with AI an CAT tools



Website Software Development

API Specification 

Other missions


Research and Surveys

We are engaged in industrial research based on academic Translation Studies.

  • Empirical Translation Studies research

  • Educational Curriculum Development

  • Survey of professional translators

  • Work environment improvement



Translation training, post-editing and localization management training.

  • Localization Education

  • Translation Technology Education

  • Project Management Education

system development

System development

We support the development of research- and business-related translation support systems.

  • CAT Tools

  • Translation process data collection device


Relevant Links

Japan Association of Interpreting and Translation Studies

This is an academic society that conducts academic T&I research. It mainly consists researchers and practitioners. It is a long-established academic society in Japan in the fields of Translation Studies (TS) and Interpreting Studies (IS), which are beginning to gain global recognition.

Asia-Pacific Association for Machine Translation

This is an association that shares information about machine translation and publishes research results. It has a long history and is highly compatible with the field of NLP. In addition to researchers, corporate organizations, and corporate researchers are also participating.

Japan Translation Federation

It is an organization for professional translators and translation service providers.  The cutting-edge information available at seminars and meetings is extremely valuable.

European Society for Translation Studies

It is the largest translation studies association in Europe.

Translation Laboratory

This is the Masaru Yamada Laboratory at Rikkyo University's College/Graduate School of Intercultural Communication.

Contact Us


Main store

2-28-10 Ebisu, Shibuya, Tokyo
Shuu Building 2713

Kansai Office:

Suita City, Osaka 


Contact by email

Opening Hours

Business hours:

Mon-Fri 10:00-18:00 (with exceptions)
*Email inquiries are accepted 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

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